Buy imported food scrutinize Chinese identity
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上海快三推荐三同号推荐 Experts suggest that imported food is defined by the offshore production and processing of food production enterprises, entry by China Inspection and Quarantine inspection departments in line with our standards for food.

According to China's "pre-packaged food labels General" of the relevant provisions of the Chinese imported food label must be affixed to the shelves, and must carry with commodity inspection and quarantine inspection certificate issued by the department. Imported food labels must reflect information includes product name, list of ingredients, ingredients quantitative labeling, net content and specifications, date marking, storage condition, country of origin or region of country names in the Chinese district name, and legally registered agent, importer or distributor's name, address and contact details; irradiated foods processed foods should be labeled near the name "irradiated food", the use of irradiation processed raw materials, should be indicated in the list of ingredients; genetically modified foods the labeling shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations. In addition, in accordance with the requirements of food labeling in the foreign language must correspond.

Therefore, consumers in the purchase of imported foods in addition to carefully review the Chinese label content, we must also obtain a copy of the sales of businesses by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificate issued by the department, check the information related to the purchase of food. Identity certificate is equivalent to imported food, the certificate includes name, brand, packaging type and quantity, origin, specifications, date of manufacture, the arrival location, arrival date, departure, the date of completion of unloading, transportation, inspection date, and the right product quality

experts stressed that the purchase of imported food should try to the good reputation, operating more standardized large shopping malls, supermarkets to buy, to check whether the purchase of imported food inspection and quarantine inspection and certification bodies and inspection of imported food Chinese or Chinese label instructions and related logo. No inspection certificate for the purchase should be rejected for non-Chinese labels, Chinese manual also refused to buy to guard against fraud or buy counterfeit products.