New advertising effect
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上海快三推荐三同号推荐 Food enterprises should improve the product itself "hardware" to deal with

, according to China's food safety reported on September 1, 2015, the latest revision of the advertising law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the "advertisement law") the official start of the implementation, this is the first time since the advertisement law promulgated in 1994 amended, comprehensive standardized advertising behavior, known as history's most severe advertisement law. New "advertisement law" effect on the food industry to be reckoned with, compared with the existing "advertisement law", the law changes amplitude is larger, the original part of the more general rule has carried on the elaboration, operability is greatly enhanced, and a substantial increase in punishment, especially extreme terms of punishment, from a compensate back three into a fine of $200000, up to 1 million.

New advertisement law of the many new rules, such as extreme words, cannot be used for the mass media in the minors may not be placed on health food, wine and other advertising and other issues. Seemingly narrow the food enterprise publicity channels, can form a certain impact to the industry, but on the other hand, "advertisement law" is mainly for those who have no basis to exaggerate the effect of products. For enterprise itself quality guaranteed, can better guarantee the industry environment, have the effect of normative management industry, let those who walk on the edge of the law, the pig enterprise site, improve the quality of the whole industry development.

At the same time, from the big side, "advertisement law" will make the whole food industry further improve and optimize the industrial structure, speed up the whole food industry reshuffle. For leisure food enterprise, put more effort into the product on the "hardware", not just stay on the product promotion, "wine is not afraid of deep alley", the product is the foundation of the enterprise gaining popularity. In this respect, the implementation of the new "advertisement law" could make the industry more standardized, return to rationality.